4 Essential Components of A Gaming PC

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PC Gaming has evolved through the years. In the early days of PC gaming, you can pretty much use even one of those office computers and you can still play games at a competitive rate.

Nowadays, there is a definitive guide on how to create gaming PCs and there are components that you must have in order to enjoy PC gaming to its maximum extent.

In this article, I will talk about the 4 most essential components of a gaming rig. If you are planning to assemble a gaming PC, then be sure to focus on these 4 components first.

1. Motherboard. The Motherboard is one of the most important components of a gaming PC or any PC in general. That is because the motherboard powers every other PC component. Think of the motherboard as the brain of the gaming PC if you will. Now, there is quite a lot of debate on which motherboard should you get: do you get an inexpensive motherboard? Or a pricey motherboard with all the bells and whistles? Well, that depends entirely on your budget and what you want moving forward. A gaming PC will last for a couple of years and if your motherboard only has a few features, those features might not be futureproof. On the other hand, expensive motherboards have all the features that you may not use. So to answer the question, “which one should I choose”, first look at your budget and second, look at the features that you want.

2. Graphics Card. The next most important thing in a gaming PC is, of course, the graphics card. The Graphics card handles all of the graphical content in games. If you want the smoothest, the crispest, and the grandest graphics that the game has to offer, then get yourself a beefy graphics card. Of course, the beefiest out there will also be the most expensive. Luckily, graphics card manufacturers offer midrange graphics cards that will run all of the games reaching a consistent 60fps (provided that you cut down on some graphical options). If there is one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on, it’s the graphics card. So be sure to save your money for this particular PC component.

3. Processor. The processor is also another important component in a gaming PC. If you want a competitive gaming PC, an Intel Core i5 will usually be adequate enough. Of course, you can spend money on the more expensive i7 processors but they are not really required and some even consider them as overkill for most gaming PCs. The CPU also has an impact on your overall game framerates as some games use more of the CPU power than others.

4. Power Supply. And last but definitely not the least is the Power supply. Obviously, your gaming PC components require power to run, right? The power supply is a really important component because of that fact. Be sure to not cheap out on the power supply as a cheap power supply can render your PC components inoperable. Always choose a power supply from a trusted manufacturer and choose one that fits the needs of all of your PC components.

Obviously, there are still a lot of PC components out there that need mentioning but I find these four to be the most important ones.

If you are looking to create a gaming PC in the future, then be sure to look at these four important components first.

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