Nintendo Thinks VR is Not Ready For the Mainstream

Posted On Nov 27 2016 by

Virtual Reality Gaming is already being introduced and big game console companies such as Sony and Microsoft are already paving the way for the future of gaming.

The third big game console company, Nintendo, thinks otherwise. You see, as of this moment, Virtual Reality gaming is still premature and not a lot of people are excited by it.

Although a lot of people have tried it, it is not really something that people are clamoring for.

Furthermore, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that they are continually creating content for what they have right now and for what people really want.

Should Virtual reality gaming be really popular, Nintendo will keep a close eye. If it is indeed the future of gaming and people would want more VR games, then Nintendo will listen and create that.

Aime said that the audience is just too limited right now, so they should just focus their efforts somewhere else. This is not to say that they are ditching VR gaming altogether but they just want to go to the direction where it would benefit gamers.

Just remember that the Nintendo NX is VR-ready, but again, Nintendo is mum about the specific details.

Unbeknownst to many, Nintendo already touched on the topic of VR gaming in their first Nintendo Wii. It never really took off on its own and the entertainment company needed to release two more accessories in order for people to truly enjoy the Nintendo Wii.

Aime also made a bold statement that VR gaming would not really take off seeing as it is right now and he treats it only as a “snack” in the entertainment industry.

Nintendo already jumped to Virtual Reality Gaming before and they’re now more cautious due to the fact their ventures before were not really that successful.

But seeing that many companies right now are already trying Virtual Reality gaming, I guess Nintendo will have to try again and who knows, maybe they will be successful this time around.

Nintendo is currently smaller than its rivals, Sony and Microsoft. The Nintendo Wii U was a huge disappointment and it didn’t live up to the Nintendo Wii’s success.

Even though the entertainment company will not be pioneering virtual reality gaming into the mainstream, fans of the company still have high hopes for them.

The Nintendo NX game console is stirring up the game community because of its promising lineup of games such as the confirmed release of the new Legend of Zelda game and the Monster Hunter Ultimate game as well.

Of course, those are not the only games that will be available when the Nintendo NX comes; I am sure that there will be plenty of games when the game console finally arrives to the market.

Is Virtual Reality the future of gaming? Only time will tell. As of now, Nintendo will just focus more on their Nintendo NX and other stuff. If VR gaming becomes popular, Nintendo will listen and they will act on it.

4 Essential Components of A Gaming PC

Posted On Sep 18 2016 by

PC Gaming has evolved through the years. In the early days of PC gaming, you can pretty much use even one of those office computers and you can still play games at a competitive rate.

Nowadays, there is a definitive guide on how to create gaming PCs and there are components that you must have in order to enjoy PC gaming to its maximum extent.

In this article, I will talk about the 4 most essential components of a gaming rig. If you are planning to assemble a gaming PC, then be sure to focus on these 4 components first.

1. Motherboard. The Motherboard is one of the most important components of a gaming PC or any PC in general. That is because the motherboard powers every other PC component. Think of the motherboard as the brain of the gaming PC if you will. Now, there is quite a lot of debate on which motherboard should you get: do you get an inexpensive motherboard? Or a pricey motherboard with all the bells and whistles? Well, that depends entirely on your budget and what you want moving forward. A gaming PC will last for a couple of years and if your motherboard only has a few features, those features might not be futureproof. On the other hand, expensive motherboards have all the features that you may not use. So to answer the question, “which one should I choose”, first look at your budget and second, look at the features that you want.

2. Graphics Card. The next most important thing in a gaming PC is, of course, the graphics card. The Graphics card handles all of the graphical content in games. If you want the smoothest, the crispest, and the grandest graphics that the game has to offer, then get yourself a beefy graphics card. Of course, the beefiest out there will also be the most expensive. Luckily, graphics card manufacturers offer midrange graphics cards that will run all of the games reaching a consistent 60fps (provided that you cut down on some graphical options). If there is one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on, it’s the graphics card. So be sure to save your money for this particular PC component.

3. Processor. The processor is also another important component in a gaming PC. If you want a competitive gaming PC, an Intel Core i5 will usually be adequate enough. Of course, you can spend money on the more expensive i7 processors but they are not really required and some even consider them as overkill for most gaming PCs. The CPU also has an impact on your overall game framerates as some games use more of the CPU power than others.

4. Power Supply. And last but definitely not the least is the Power supply. Obviously, your gaming PC components require power to run, right? The power supply is a really important component because of that fact. Be sure to not cheap out on the power supply as a cheap power supply can render your PC components inoperable. Always choose a power supply from a trusted manufacturer and choose one that fits the needs of all of your PC components.

Obviously, there are still a lot of PC components out there that need mentioning but I find these four to be the most important ones.

If you are looking to create a gaming PC in the future, then be sure to look at these four important components first.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Posted On May 14 2016 by

I love RPG games. Roleplaying games are fun and challenging at the same time. Who would’ve thought that Super Mario and Luigi will also have an RPG game title of their own?

Today, we are going to talk about the very first Super Mario and Luigi RPG game titled the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

This is also the first Mario game where the iconic Bowser is not the main antagonist. Instead, Bowser will make an appearance in the game to aid Super Mario and Luigi.

The story opens when an evil witch from the Bean kingdom, Cackletta, went to the mushroom kingdom to steal Princess Peach’s voice.

Bowser was about to steal Princess Peach when Cackletta was the first one to her, stealing Peach’s voice, and fled from the site.

Upon hearing the news, Mario and Luigi rushed to the castle and they saw the dumbfounded Bowser too. Bowser vows to help the brothers retrieve Princess Peach’s voice back and so the three of them did.

To reach Beanbean kingdom, Mario and Luigi had to board Bowser’s airship that’s been piloted by Bowser’s Koopalings. But just before arriving at the Beanbean kingdom, Cackletta’s trusty assailant, Fawful, uses his power to blow out Bowser’s airship, separating Bowser and the brothers in the process.

During their journey, the Mario Bros. rescued Prince Peasley, who was cursed by Cackletta and turned him into a dragon.

After rescuing Prince Peasley and heading to the Beanbean kingdom, Cackletta laid out a trap where the Bros. were trapped in a sewage system.

Apparently, the Bros. found out that Cackletta wanted Peach’s voice because it is the only thing that can unlock the Beanstar, a magical object that can grant any wish.

After obtaining the Beanstar, Queen bean was cursed by Cackletta and the cursed Queen attacked the Mario Bros. After rescuing the Queen, the Bros. vowed to take down Cackletta once and for all.

During the final battle, Cackletta actually took a hold of Bowser’s body and used it instead. After exorcising Bowser’s body, the Bros. finally defeated Cackletta and Princess Peach’s voice was restored.

The gameplay of the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is rather unique. When moving the Bros. Mario seems to take the lead while Luigi follows close behind.

As for the actual battles, Mario and Luigi will start out jumping over their enemies when you do the attack command. But, there’s another unique twist to the battles: timing.

You see, in order to avoid the enemy’s attacks, you have to press the A or B button (A for Mario and B for Luigi) and time it correctly. By doing so, you will avoid damage altogether.

Mario and Luigi will also have access to hammers late in the game that can be used either in battles or on the world map.

The Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is an interesting RPG game and it is actually one of the more successful Super Mario games out there.

Adobe PDF Reader App for Android

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A lot of information can be grasped from the internet. Most of the high-volume ones, however, are saved in .pdf format.

The PDF format in documents has been extensively used over the course of the years. As the internet has evolved, so has our needs of information. The PDF format is one of the only formats that support high-quality images and text at the same time.

Back when I was still in College, PDFs have become very important to me because, then, I wouldn’t have to bring bulky books with me all the time as I can save them on my mobile phone to read them conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Adobe PDF Reader App for Android. This mobile phone app is one of the top-voted PDF readers for the Android mobile phone operating system.

I just love the features of the Adobe PDF Reader App for Android mobile phones. For one, it supports all PDF files. Whether it has high-quality images or just plain text, I never had any problems using this app to read those PDF files.

There are also zooming features, single page and continuous scroll features, and the ever-handy Text reflow mode that allows you to read the text without swiping left or right.

The Adobe PDF Reader App for Android mobile phones is not limited to just reading PDF files, though. This amazing PDF reader app for Android mobile phones also allows you to annotate and review PDF files.

The thing about PDF files is that you can create notes and highlight specific areas, much like you would in a physical book. You can also do those with the Adobe PDF Reader App for Android. You can annotate, make comments, put sticky notes, and you’re given a list of drawing tools you can utilize. You can also highlight text with a variety of marker colors as well.

Another thing I love about the Adobe PDF Reader App for Android is that it allows you to fill and sign forms right on your mobile phone. So long as that form is in pdf format, you can basically fill up and sign forms without any problems. The newest version of the adobe reader allows you to use your finger to sign the PDF documents, which for me, is a huge plus.

Cloud storage has become quite useful in recent years, mainly because you can save and upload files on the cloud storage. If you purchase the premium version of the Adobe PDF Reader App for Android mobile phones, you have a free access to the Adobe document cloud account. You can assign the app to upload and share files using the Mobile Link feature. You can also print documents using any Android mobile phone if you want a physical copy of the PDF document.

The Adobe PDF Reader App for Android mobile phones also supports multiple languages and there are in-app purchases that enhance this already feature-rich PDF reader even more.

The Adobe PDF Reader App for Android is free to download in the Google Play Store.